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About our Vases

Design & Craftsmanship

We partner with manufacturers worldwide to bring you the best in design and highest craftsmanship.

We work with only materials that are durable and manufacturers that have rigorous quality testing and standards

Due to the delicate nature of many of our products, we ship each vase with individual protective packaging to ensure that it arrives at its final destination without breakage

Vase Materials

We offer vases in many different materials and finishes. The majority of our vases are made of ceramic pottery, which includes several different methods of formation and finishing. Below are descriptions of materials that we use on our website to help you get a better understanding of what material might be best suited for you:

  • Ceramic/Porcelain: Most durable and non-porous of the ceramic material variety due to it being fired at the highest temperatures. These vases have the most variety in design, color, and shape. They will hold water and are suitable for live flowers.
  • Ceramic/Terracotta/Unglazed: Terracotta is naturally porous and absorbs moisture, allowing water to evaporate out from the sides. This is ideal for some types of plants and soil. This material has a very natural earthen look and feel.
  • Ceramic/Terracotta/Glazed: Glazed terracotta gets one extra step of being glazed, which results in a lacquer finished look. The glazing prevents the vessel from absorbing moisture, so will hold water similar to a porcelain vase and is well suited for live flowers.
  • Glass: Glass is delicate and has various levels of transparency.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is more durable and can have brighter or more unique color and finishing options.
  • Cement: Heavy and durable, these vases can offer a very natural and textural element to a space.
  • Resin: Made of a composite of materials, resin vases are lightweight, durable, non-porous and low maintenance. They can be shaped with many details and can mimic the look of other materials such as brass or stone.

Our vases are made through a combination of technical production (with the use of molds to attain the overall shape of the product) and hand-formed detailing. Due to the handmade nature of many of our products, there may be some slight variances.


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