All about our artificial flowers

We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest-quality artificial flowers. 


What do we look for?

We look for specific qualities for each and every type of flower we sell. 

  • Feel: We choose products with the most realistic feel, from the petals down to the leaves and stem. 
  • Look: From far away or when placed in a bunch, many artificial flowers can look "pretty good". But we choose to go for artificial flowers and branches that can truly stand alone, look realistic up close, with details that will stand out beyond a mere glance. 
  • Color: We look for vibrant and realistic colors that stand out and will last over time. 


What are your flowers made of?

The materials vary depending on the type of flower. The majority of our artificial flower petals are made out of silk and the stems are made of plastic with internal wiring. 

There are specific details of each material composition listed on the product page.



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